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Thread Rolling

Alliance Fasteners specialises in Thread Rolling of fasteners.

Thread rolling is a process by which you cold forge a round bar to form the threads. This basically means that the round bar is squeezed between two highly pressurised rolling threads to create the threads on the bar. These threads are a lot stronger than CNC cut threads as the same amount of material is present after threading. Whereas when CNC machine cutting the threads, material is cut away from the bar and hence reduces the strength. Thread rolling is recommended for high strength applications and where the thread strength is critical.

Alliance Fasteners can thread roll many different materials such as Carbon Steel, grade 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9, EN26, 4140, 4340, 304SS, 316SS etc... . We can thread roll fasteners up to 56mm or 2" in diameter in Metric and Imperial sizes. Many other sizes are possible based on customer requirements, please contact us for more information.

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